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Tom Price says he will stop flying on private jets until inspector general;s review is complete

;We;ve heard the concerns,; Price said. ;And we take that very seriously and have taken it to heart.;

paramore on Twitter

“real news: Fake Happy is the next single from After Laughter. you can call your local alt stations ;amp; request it. photo by @LindseyByrnes”

Deplorable Melissa on Twitter

“This is what Fake Media brainwashing does. This their Pavlovian response to anyone with a different opinion. Victims of mind control.”

Fox News on Twitter

“Candace Owens: ;With Black Americans, the main issue is that we keep voting Democrat and expecting different results.; @WattersWorld”

emma on Twitter

“@MileyCyrus is an actual gem and I will do whatever it takes to protect her at all costs”

Dennis De Loose on Twitter

“@MileyCyrus @diplo @iHeartRadio And then your leaving the country like you promised”

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