Charlottesville protests: Man who allegedly drove through crowd arrested

Rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned deadly Saturday when a car was driven through a crowd of people protesting the Unite the Right demonstration. The alleged driver, 20-year-old James Alex Fields, Jr., was arrested by police and charged with second-degree murder. Several hours later, a police helicopter that was flying over rallies went down, killing the two officers on board. NBC’s Maya Rodriguez reports for Sunday TODAY.

Redskins Josh Norman pledges $100,000 to Puerto Rico for hurricane relief

Washington Redskins' cornerback Josh Norman is doing what he can to help with recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. Norman announced on Twitter Saturday that he is donating $100,000 to the island after it was devastated by Hurricane Maria. I'm sending 100,000$

Catalonia chief opens door to declaration of independence

The head of the Catalan regional government on Sunday opened the door to a potential declaration of independence of Catalonia from Spain after a day of tensions in the northeastern region where police were deployed to thwart an independence vote.

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