DVSN Unveil ;Morning After; Artwork

New dvsn on the way. It;s safe to say that most of us have been waiting on this one. Since their meticulously anonymous arrival in 2015, duo dvsn has been a steady and pure source of chill vibes, a quality not lost on the other members of their native OVO Sound camp. It was in April that the pair, c...

Cameron Hanes

Protect, serve and bowhunt....we are 4 days away from elk season here in Oregon. I;m trying to get leaner and tougher so I started my fasted cardio run at 4:30 a.m. instead of 5 today. Who else is...

A new unlimited battle? Verizon revamps unlimited plans with two new options

Verizon is revamping its unlimited plans, and just in time for the new smartphone season.

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