How to turn off autoplay videos on Twitter and Facebook

Autoplay is that person in the horror film who whispers too loudly, and gets you all found by the killer. It tells your boss that you are not working, and it makes you ;watch; three seconds of videos about which you could not care less. According to Mashable, Twitter and Facebook have videos set to autoplay in order to increase the number of views the social networks can boast. This is how to turn them off, depending on your platform.  

If Trump kills off Nafta it will be at his own peril – and the peril of America

A little over five years ago a spokesman for Enrique Peña Nieto, who was soon to be elected President of Mexico, leaned across a cafe table and told me what his boss had in mind for relations with America: mimicking Europe’s single market and wiping away the border between them entirely to allow unfettered freedom of movement for goods, services, capital and people. 

The Fall of higher education

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