How to turn off autoplay videos on Twitter and Facebook

Autoplay is that person in the horror film who whispers too loudly, and gets you all found by the killer. It tells your boss that you are not working, and it makes you ;watch; three seconds of videos about which you could not care less. According to Mashable, Twitter and Facebook have videos set to autoplay in order to increase the number of views the social networks can boast. This is how to turn them off, depending on your platform.  

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“@OliviaMesser @KELLYWEILL “That’s a level of diabolical sophistication to be able to move that quickly,” says former FBI profiler credited with helping identify the Unabomber”

Real March Madness: Wildlife Activists Publish Report Warning Climate Change Threatens Basketball Team ‘Mascots’

The National Wildlife Federation is taking advantage of the March Madness college basketball tournaments, to push its climate change agenda and its threat to the animals used by teams as mascots.

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